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Do you feel

Disconnected…  From yourself, others, or life in general?

Are you unable to find peace or stillness, even in your YOU time?  Are you looking for what’s missing…  To connect with a deeper purpose and live a life you love?

Does the busyness of this world leave you stressed and drained of a sense of physical or emotional wellbeing?

Do you want to…

Reconnect and recharge your enthusiasm for life?  

Feel whole again, with a sense of peace and wellbeing that emanates from your inner strength and knowing a deeper connection to Self?

Better understand your body, and clear the unprocessed emotions that weigh you down in mind, body or spirit?

I help women like you

To identify and clear the blocks that stand in the way of you experiencing a life of freedom and happiness, while bringing a new awareness and vitality to all that you do.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if walking your path brought with it a sense of purpose, wellness and joy to each and every day…

My Passion...

Is to awaken you to the sense of joy that comes from being centred, connected and at peace with yourself and with life.

Having known the feeling of lacking purpose, vitality and inspiration I commenced my own journey of healing through various techniques of meditation, energy work and kinesiology.  Now, I want to share this process with you so that you too can better connect.  Connect with both your inner and outer world to find the energy and purpose you need to live a life of balance, joy and wellness.

And once you connect, the joy really is in the journey!

a few ways we can Do this work together

You hold the answers to your own wellness, I’m here to support you on the journey to wholeness…


Are you ready to release unprocessed energies from your body and embrace a brighter state of being? Kinesiology can be a profound way to support you on that journey. In a kinesiology session we use muscle testing and gentle inquiry to help identify and release stuck energies. With a focus on what you WANT to experience in life, we restore a state of balance and vitality in both the physical and metaphysical bodies.


Do you usually feel stressed out in life, perhaps a little helpless in the chaos of the everyday? Do you feel disconnected from the present which can lead to a lack of clarity and peace? Meditation is a wonderful practice for restoring us to our centre, our true nature, and reactivating the body’s innate ability to heal and experience wellness. To explore how I can support you in developing and deepening a meditation practice please call or email me.

reiki & light dynamics

Do you want to feel the benefit of connecting with and receiving the energy of Universal Love?  In a hands on healing session you can relax while I intuitively direct a dynamic flow of Universal energy throughout the layers of your multidimensional body.  These sessions are gentle and relaxing and a lovely way to work on the subtler inner planes, you will receive the light frequencies that will most benefit you at that time.  

Let’s connect…

Sessions available in Nunawading or Hawthorn, by appointment only.

Send me an email to see how I can support you in feeling whole and connected in life…

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