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“Now is not then, then is not now.”

While this phrase is commonly used in kinesiology to anchor the body’s awareness back to the present time, I’ve recently found it to be really supportive in my daily meditation practice.

In mindfulness based stillness meditation (MBSM) we practice sitting in full awareness of the present moment experience, allowing what is to simply be. Inevitably, the mind will intervene and pull our attention this way or that, and in recognising ourselves attaching to these passing thoughts of what has happened in the past or what the future may hold, we seek to release and return to stillness.

In returning to the breath and this phrase “now is not then, then is not now” I have found that my body and mind settle back to the stillness with such ease, releasing the attachment to thought and returning to the aware state of just being present.

If you are a meditator, give it a try… If you’re not a meditator, give it a try 😜

Have a great weekend, much love. 💜

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