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What would you say if I asked… How do you digest life?

Did you know that our ability to process and “digest” events and emotions that we experience in life can have an effect on our physical ability to digest, assimilate and release the foods we eat?

The physical world is a mirror of what is occurring in the metaphysical. It is because of this that when we are not mentally and emotionally dealing with something that is going on for us, we can actually disrupt our physical wellness and create illness, or imbalance in our body. So, I ask again, how do you digest life?

Do you find it difficult to accept certain situations, or do you perhaps find that it is less than easy to receive the positive or nourishing wisdom from life’s challenges? Can you process and then let go of what has happened, or do you find yourself constantly returning to and dwelling on what happened, or didn’t happen?

All of these attitudes relate to different stages of the digestive process and affect us at the various levels of physical/chemical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. In Kinesiology we can achieve great results when working with digestive issues by helping you to identify and work through life experiences and emotions that you or your body have not been able to process and release. With the use of muscle testing we connect with your body’s own wisdom to see what it is that you and your body need in order to funtion in a balanced and well state of wholeness.

If you want to know more about Kinesiology and how it can help you to return to your natural state of wellness drop me an email through the contact form 

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Big Love to You

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