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Christmas to many is a time associated with family, and this got me thinking about the deep influence our past and our families have on the way we live and experience our lives today.

From very early on in life our subconscious mind is collating information and forming judgements based on helping us survive, information based on our experiences and consequences that then form the basis for how we feel and respond to similar situations should we face them in the future.

These learned behaviours can, for example, include how we relate or respond in group situations, and underpin the way we express ourselves to ensure that we interact with the world in a way that is safe from perceived judgement or criticism (remember that being accepted by the family group is a fundamental aspect of survival associated with your root chakra). And beyond that, the subconscious will also define the way that we relate to ourselves.

So thank you subconscious, I do appreciate you trying to keep me alive, but there is a catch… Once these “parameters for survival” have been created, based around stressful and emotional experiences, the subconscious mind is pretty much incapable of reviewing and repatterning these programs. A reaction that perhaps may have helped a 5 year old in a stressful situation is unlikely to serve a 35 year old, yet that same survival program will remain active, or reactivate, if the subconscious senses the same feeling of stress.

The good news is that we are self aware (mostly 😜) and our lives are our own creation. So while we generally can’t just snap our fingers to alter our subconscious programming, we do have a multitude of tools available to us to help access and rewrite these stories and programs that inhibit our ability to step brightly into the life we want to experience.

One of my favourite tools for this is Kinesiology where we use muscle testing to access the body’s stored awareness of emotional and subconscious programming. This enables us to consciously identify and clear old limiting patterns and, using various techniques, align with how we want to express and experience life.

To learn more about the work I do and if it can assist you, please drop me a message or give me a call.

Big love to you All for a happy and safe Christmas.


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Image from Janosh Sacred Geometry cards. This card represents Release: Letting go of that which no longer serves you, so that new doors can open 😊

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