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Today I started thinking about the concept of dissonance, when our inner world is not in harmony with our outer experience, how it affects us and how we can restore balance, especially if we have no power over the situation that is causing it.

Examples of this can range from burning your toast, to the more challenging feelings generated by personal loss, failure or abuse. We all respond uniquely to different stressful scenarios but they all create a level of dissonance where “What happened is not what I think should have happened”.

This disharmony is something we feel in our bodies, there is both an emotional response and, albeit often very subtle, physical response. If we don’t process the stressful experience fully at the time then the energetic pattern is stored in our body/subconscious, and we fall out of balance at some level. These experiences can continue to affect us in many ways and are what can prevent us from finding complete mental, emotional and physical fulfilment.

This is where kinesiology can make such a difference. We can’t change what has actually happened, but I can support you in identifying and shifting the energetic holding patterns that are operating in your body, to shift the present time experience of that stress. In working with clients I start to clear the layers standing between them and the experience of life that they seek.

Much Love

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(Photo credit Nick Elisseos)

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